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10PCS Ignition Coil New For UF522 BMW E39 E46 E53 E60 E63 330Ci M3 X5 Z3 Z4

10PCS Ignition Coil New For UF522 BMW E39 E46 E53 E60 E63 330Ci M3 X5 Z3 Z4

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Brand New Ignition Coil Set of 10PCS.

Part Number:
UF-522, UF522
5C1401, 5C1476
270085, 2505-270085
C1404, C1477
0221504470, 0221504464
00124, E1022, 50221
52-1797, 52-1751
12131712219, 1213171222

2001-2002 BMW Z3 3.2L
2001-2005 BMW 325Ci 2.5L
2001-2005 BMW 325i 2.5L
2001-2005 BMW 325xi 2.5L
2002-2004 BMW 320i 2.2L
2002-2005 BMW 745i 4.4L
2002-2005 BMW 745Li 4.4L
2002-2006 BMW M3 3.2L
2003 BMW X5 4.6L
2003-2004 BMW 530i 3.0L
2003-2005 BMW 330i 3.0L
2003-2005 BMW 330xi 3.0L
2003-2005 BMW 525i 2.5L
2003-2005 BMW Z4 2.5L
2003-2005 BMW Z4 3.0L
2003-2006 BMW 330Ci 3.0L
2003-2008 BMW 760Li 6.0L
2004-2005 BMW 545i 4.4L
2004-2005 BMW 645Ci 4.4L
2004-2006 BMW 760i 6.0L
2004-2006 BMW X3 2.5L
2004-2006 BMW X3 3.0L
2004-2006 BMW X5 3.0L
2004-2006 BMW X5 4.4L
2004-2009 BMW X5 4.8L
2006-2008 BMW 750i 4.8L
2006-2008 BMW 750Li 4.8L
2006-2008 BMW Z4 3.2L
2006-2009 BMW 550i 4.8L
2006-2010 BMW 650i 4.8L
2007-2008 BMW Alpina B7 4.4L

Warranty: limited 1 year warranty - free one time replacement.

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