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Improved 4-Wire Glow Plug Harness W/ Connector w/Thermo heat cover For 02 03 VW

Improved 4-Wire Glow Plug Harness W/ Connector w/Thermo heat cover For 02 03 VW

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Brand New Improved 4-Wire Diesel Glow Plug Harness Connector W/ Thermo heat protection.

NOTE: This is the 4-wire harness. If you need the 2-wire harness, please see our other listings or email us and we will send you the eBay link.

Brand New & Improved Redesign. Our all new 4-wire glow plug harness features a thermal shielding for maximum heat protection and longer life. High engine temperatures are the reason your original failed. Why replace it with another uninsulated harness?

Installation Note: many customers choose to cut and splice the harness which makes installation faster and easier. This is not required, but it is an option. Another option is to cut the original harness and the engine and then the add this harness to your existing harness. Just put the wires in their own conduit and tie it along the original harness all the way to the plug. That option requires no cutting or splicing and is quicker than adding these wires into the original conduit.

Part Number:
RK3102M 038-971-220 C / 038971220C<br>

Compatible with:
2002-2004 Volkswagen Jetta 1.9L
2002-2003 Volkswagen Golf 1.9L
2002-2003 Volkswagen Beetle 1.9L

Warranty: limited 5 years warranty - free one time replacement.

Please make sure that your vehicles specifications matches our ebay Compatibility

Compatibility info provided only for US models.

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