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Right Passenger Side Windshield Pillar Trim Molding For 2011-2019 Ford Explorer

Right Passenger Side Windshield Pillar Trim Molding For 2011-2019 Ford Explorer

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Brand New Windshield Molding Pillar Trim Moulding.

2011-2018 Ford Explorer Models Front Windshield Side Panels RK3155 L/R Installation Guide:

Body panel removing tool
Clean cloth
A small channel lock plier
Small screwdriver

The original windshield side panel it breaks when you are removing it. MotorKing is with "reusable metal clip" and "reinforced all mounting brackets. It can be removed without breaking it.

1) Remove the panel starting from top to bottom by pulling it outwards. You will hear a few cracking noises and see a few broken pieces flying when pulling it out. That is normal. But be careful not let those pcs hit to your eyes.
2) Remove all remaining broken clips from lower side panel bracket, clean with the windshield and lower side panel bracket where the double side tape lies.
3) Install 7 new metal clips to lower side panel bracket with a small channel lock pillar and making sure they sit all the way in, align one direction and straight up.
4) Remove double sided tapes protection film, install the new trim.
5) Make sure the 7 clips align with the new panel, start pushing downward start at the bottom to the top. Push firmly until it all clips click in. Then making sure it sits fully flushed with the windshield.
6) Clean it off with a soft cloth.

Part Number:
BB5Z-7803144-AA, BB5Z7803144AA
BB5Z-7803136-AA, BB5Z7803136AA
BB5Z-7803136-AB, BB5Z7803136AB

Position: Front Right (Passenger) Side

2011-2019 Ford Explorer

Warranty: limited 5 years warranty - free one time replacement.

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