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UPGRADED FOR Beetle Corrado Golf Jetta Passat Fuel Injector Harness Connector

UPGRADED FOR Beetle Corrado Golf Jetta Passat Fuel Injector Harness Connector

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Item Condition: NEW
Part Number:
1 287 013 003 / 1287013003
138 04001 101 / 13804001101
920145B / 920180B / 4N200
Package Contents: Fuel Injector Harness Connector
Stronger, Better Grip, Built in Water & Ducts Resistance Seals, Heavier Gauge Housing, with High Temperature Resistance Wire, etc. It Built to Last.
Contain: One Wire Harness Assembly (Connector w/ 2 per-installed high temp resistance wires)
Warranty: 5 Years Warranty
1971-1972 VW 411 1.7L H4
1973-1974 VW 412 1.7L H4
1974 VW 412 1.8L H4
1975-1978 VW Beetle 1.6L H4
1998-2001 VW Beetle 2.0L L4
1995-2002 VW Cabrio 2.0L L4
1990-1993 VW Cabriolet 1.8L L4
1974 VW Campmobile 1.8L H4
1990-1992 VW Corrado 1.8L L4
1992-1995 VW Corrado 2.8L V6
1992-1996 VW EuroVan 2.5L L5
1997 VW EuroVan 2.8L V6
1999-2000 VW EuroVan 2.8L V6
1997 VW EuroVan 2.4L L5
1968-1973 VW Fastback 1.6L H4
1991-1993 VW Fox 1.8L L4
1988-1992 VW Golf 1.8L L4
1990-2001 VW Golf 2.0L L4
1995-2002 VW Golf 2.8L V6
1987-1992 VW Jetta 1.8L L4
1987-1988 VW Jetta 1.6L L4
1990-2001 VW Jetta 2.0L L4
1994-2002 VW Jetta 2.8L V6
1993-1997 VW Passat 2.8L V6
1995-1996 VW Passat 2.0L L4
1968-1973 VW Squareback 1.6L H4
1975-1979 VW Super Beetle 1.6L H4
1974-1975 VW Transporter 1.8L H4
1974 VW Transporter 1.6L H4
1976-1979 VW Transporter 2.0L H4
1985 VW Transporter 1.9L H4
1986-1991 VW Transporter 2.1L H4
1992-1993 VW Transporter 2.5L L5
1980-1983 VW Vanagon 2.0L H4
1983-1985 VW Vanagon 1.9L H4
1986-1991 VW Vanagon 2.1L H4

Compatibility info provided only for US models.

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