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Upgraded Rear Hatch Tailgate Plate License Shield Handle For Ford Explorer Blue

Upgraded Rear Hatch Tailgate Plate License Shield Handle For Ford Explorer Blue

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Brand New MotorKing Upgraded Lift gate Tailgate Panel Moulding and License Plate Shield Handle Set of 2PCS.

About Lift gate Tailgate Panel Moulding:
October 13, 2014 -- A Consolidated Ford Cracked Tailgate Class-Action Lawsuit is moving forward on claims Ford sold SUVs with tailgates that are prone to crack because of defective materials.

The affected SUVs named in the cracked tailgate lawsuit are the 2002-2005 Ford Explorer, 2002-2005 Mercury Mountaineer and the 2003-2005 Lincoln Aviator. The lawsuit alleges that even though Ford sold millions of those SUVs, consumers might not have purchased the SUVs if the defect had been known.

Furthermore, the plaintiffs say they certainly wouldn't have paid a premium price for the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles if Ford would have admitted the tailgates could crack.

The class-action suit includes Ford owners in 25 states who claim Ford knew of the alleged tailgate defect in 2002 but hid the defect from consumers to save on the expense of repairing or replacing the cracked tailgates. The plaintiffs claim the tailgate material is prone to allow moisture and air behind the window panel that can cause the tailgate to crack.

2002-2005 Ford Explorer Rear Liftgate Panel

Problem: Commonly cracking or breaks; Panel disappeared while driving.

Width is 56"inch, (Long)
Thickness of 1/16"(Thin)
Height of 7.50"and Curve.

There is a large rubber gasket underneath with four oval shade air caps of 20? x 2? each, that between glass and trim panel. It absorbs vibration and heat protect glass and tailgate panel. This thin layer and wide plastic panel glued onto rubber gasket, that without any bolts or nuts to hold; each time the tailgate open and close it shakes and bounds this thin plastic panel, also it vibrates from every road condition. The sunlight and high heat cause plastic crystallization, over time easy to cracks and breaks from heavy vibrations.

MotorKing Solution: Redesign to reinforced to the weakness area utilize the air gap area to increase the thickness from 1/16" to 1/4" that increase the strain to prevent cracking from vibration. We ensure the quality and out last of OE design.

We offer painted to OE colors.

About License Plate Shield Handle:
Package Contents: A Liftgate License Plate Shield Handle
A Metal-Reinforced steel bracket Hardware Kit. (U.S. Patented)

Tech Note:
The Ford Explorer's from 02-05 rear hatch door handle lift point is made out of plastic and breaks over time as the plastic gets weaker. The present invention is an improved the design of the original hatch handle by adding a second metal piece to reinforce support where it usually breaks. This improved design will make the rear hatch door handle to last.

Part Number:
1L2Z-78404A30-CAPTM, 1L2Z78402A30CAPTM

2L2Z13508AAPTM, 2L2Z-13508-AAPTM
1L2Z-13508-BA, 1L2Z13508BA, 1L2Z-13B482-FAA
1L2Z13B482FAA, 1L2Z-13B482-FAB, 1L2Z13B482FAB
1L2Z-13B482-FAC, 1L2Z- 13B482FAC, 1L2Z-13B482-FAD
1L2Z13B482FAD, 1L2Z-13B482-FAE, 1L2Z13B482FAE
1L2Z-13B482-FAF, 1L2Z13B482FAF, 1L2Z-13B482-FAG
1L2Z13B482FAG, 1L2Z-13B482-FAH, 1L2Z13B482FAH
1L2Z-13B482-FAJ, 1L2Z13B482FAJ, 1L2Z-13B482-FAK
1L2Z13B482FAK, 1L2Z-13B482-FAL, 1L2Z13B482FAL
1L2Z-13B482-FAM, 1L2Z13B482FAM, 1L2Z-13B482-FAN
1L2Z13B482FAN, 1L2Z-13B482-FAP, 1L2Z13B482FAP
1L2Z-13B482-FAQ, 1L2Z13B482FAQ, 1L2Z-13B482-FAR
1L2Z13B482FAR, 1L2Z-13B482-FAS, 1L2Z13B482FAS
1L2Z-13B482-FAU, 1L2Z13B482FAU
1L2Z-13B482-FAV, 1L2Z13B482FAV

Position: Rear / Trunk / Tailgate

Color: Medium Wedgewood Metallic

Color Code: LD

Note: Please Verify Color Code Of Your Car Before Purchase. (Located On Vin# Sticker)

2002-2005 Ford Explorer

Warranty: limited 5 years warranty - free one time replacement.

Compatibility info provided only for US models.

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Please make sure that your vehicles specifications matches our ebay Compatibility.
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